Special Delivery Birth Center For an Empowering Birth Experience

Mother holds her baby while kneeling down, special delivery birth center.

If you are an expecting parent in Tulsa, Special Delivery Birth Center should definitely be on your radar! This birthing center provides personalized and holistic care to expecting parents and their loved ones, making the childbirth experience more enjoyable and less stressful! Here is a bit about this beautiful birth center!

Mother and father look at their baby boy, special delivery birth center.

Personalized Birth at a Special Delivery Birth Center


Located at 4926 E 73rd Street in Tulsa, Special Delivery Birth Center is designed to be a cozy and home-like environment for giving birth. The center has all the amenities to ensure you and your baby are safe and comfortable throughout the birthing process. They offer a team of experienced and qualified midwives who dedicated to providing quality care during your stay. While the Special Delivery Birth Center was founded in 2012, their midwives have over 45 years of experience! 

Father holds his newborn baby's fee.


One of the many benefits of choosing the Special Delivery Birth Center is the personalized care provided by the midwives. They take the time to get to know you and your unique needs, concerns, and preferences. This allows them to offer a tailored approach to care that prioritizes your well-being and comfort. They’ll work with you to develop a personalized birth plan that aligns with your preferences and goals for childbirth. 

Older brother looks at his new baby brother.


Special Delivery’s midwives promote natural childbirth and minimize medical interventions. They prioritize natural pain management techniques like massage, breathing exercises, and water immersion to give you more control over the birthing process and so that you are able to make informed decisions about your care. Another great thing about Special Delivery Birth Center is that they offer services to support you and your baby throughout the prenatal, birthing, and postpartum periods. They provide a range of birthing options, including water births, to suit your needs and preferences. Additionally, they provide natural childbirth options, prioritizing minimal medical intervention.

Most importantly, the atmosphere at the center is so cozy and welcoming (a home away from home)! You’ll love the comfortable furnishings, soothing lighting, and peaceful ambiance, which all help create a calming and relaxing environment for you and your baby. One of the best things about Special Delivery Birth Center to add to their comfortability is how they involve family members in the birthing process.

Baby boy sleeping on mother's lap, special delivery birth center.


Specialty Delivery Birth Center provides several classes and support services for you and your family. These classes include childbirth education, breastfeeding support, and postpartum care. They provide support from their lactation consultant on staff, who can assist you with any breastfeeding questions, guidance, and education! 

Special Delivery Birth Center

Whether this is your first or fifth baby, you can feel confident that you’re in good hands at the Special Delivery Birth Center. As you prepare for the arrival of your precious baby, remember to think about capturing these beautiful moments through maternity and newborn photography. Although I am a photographer based in OKC, I love traveling to Tulsa for photo sessions! 

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