Why New Moms Love Modern Village Midwifery!

Expecting mother smiles as her husband looks at the mountains, Modern Village Midwifery.

If you’re looking for a natural and holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth, Modern Village Midwifery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is what you need! Their team of friendly midwives is passionate about empowering and supporting women and their families. They are dedicated to making informed decisions about mom and baby’s health! Let me tell you more about them!

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About Modern Village Midwifery

Modern Village Midwifery believes that pregnancy and childbirth are natural life events that should be celebrated! Located at 1124 S Braden Avenue, Modern Village is a unique community-based practice specializing in home birth and water births, VBACs, and more! Through their small group practice, the midwives provide a combined experience of over 20 years utilizing different techniques and shared guidance. 

Each being a mother themselves, the team comprises three CPMs and one student midwife. The team of midwives at Modern Village Midwifery works with women and families throughout their pregnancy journey. They are dedicated to providing personalized care, support, and guidance every step of the way. 

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Services Offered

Modern Village Midwifery services include comprehensive prenatal care consisting of:

  • regular check-ups
  • nutrition education
  • exercise education
  • emotional and mental health support

One of the best benefits of receiving care from Modern Village is their emphasis on personalized care and attention. Their midwives take the time to get to know their clients and build a relationship of trust and respect. This customized approach allows midwives to provide individualized care tailored to each woman and family’s needs and desires! They will guide you with natural childbirth techniques, such as breathing and relaxation exercises, and help women prepare for labor and delivery. 

Expecting mother holds her baby bump while wearing a white dress, Modern Village Midwifery.

Additionally, their midwives have been trained to provide continuous support during labor and delivery. They equip mothers with relaxation tools such as massage, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy to help women manage pain and discomfort. Their team of midwives also encourages women to use natural childbirth techniques, such as movement and position changes, to help labor progress and promote a smooth delivery. 

Furthermore, Modern Village provides separate prenatal, postnatal, and labor and birth services, as well as a Standard Midwifery Care Package. Their Standard Care Package includes:

  • routine prenatal care
  • labor and birth in your home
  • up to 12 weeks of in-home and in-office postpartum care

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Besides prenatal care and childbirth, Modern Village Midwifery offers well-woman care, natural family planning and pre-conception consulting, and lactation support. Modern Village also provides free consultations, where you can ask questions and get to know the midwives before committing to care with them! Education and keeping parents informed is a big deal to them, which is also why they offer many resources to help you find classes, evidence-based birth information, and so much more!

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Modern Village Midwifery

Modern Village Midwifery is a warm and welcoming place to receive personalized care and support throughout your pregnancy journey. 

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While I am based in OKC, I am happy to travel to the Tulsa area to do maternity and newborn sessions! Let’s chat and discuss all the details because motherhood deserves to be celebrated in a fun and heartfelt way!