Tulsa Midwife | 3 Options To Elevate Your Birth Experience

Mother holds her sleeping newborn boy, Tulsa midwfie.

If you’re looking for a personalized and holistic approach to your pregnancy and childbirth experience, then you may consider midwifery care. Tulsa has many excellent midwifery practices that offer various services to support you every step of the way. Let me tell you about these three fantastic options to consider for a midwife in Tulsa!

Baby boy sleeping on his mother's lap, Tulsa midwife.

Tulsa Midwife | Three Options To Make Your Birth Experience Extra Special

Little Hollow Midwifery

If you’re looking for a welcoming Midwife in Tulsa, Little Hollow Midwifery may be a great option for you. Little Hollow was founded in 2015 by Kennedy Logan CPM, LM, after attending her first home birth. Kennedy’s biggest goal is to make clients feel seen, safe, and supported throughout their visits, pregnancy, and delivery. 

Little Hollow Midwifery offers midwifery care and well-body care. Midwifery care includes prenatal, labor, and birth and six weeks of postpartum and newborn care. They value shared decision-making with their clients and collaborating. Their well-body care consists of a spectrum of services, including:

  • Physical wellness exams
  • STI testing
  • Pelvic exams
  • Fertility counseling
  • IUD removal
  • Lab testing.

In addition, they also offer free consultations, so you can connect and be sure you are a good fit for each other!

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Modern Village Midwifery

Determined to change the world one birth at a time, Modern Village Midwifery seeks to serve women and their families throughout the child-birthing years and beyond. They provide holistic, customized care that caters to their clients’ pregnancy and childbirth requirements, from prenatal appointments to postpartum care. Modern Village Midwifery comprises four midwives: Rebecca Schulz, LM, CPM; Sarah Tilford, LM, CPM; Elizabeth Watts, LM, CPM; and Alyssa Mckenzie, Student Midwife.

Modern Village Midwifery offers prenatal care in-office, labor, and birth services in your home. Their services include up to 12 weeks of postpartum care, routine pregnancy labs, and water births. Additionally, they offer natural family planning and pre-conception consultation. Their team of experienced midwives ensures your safety and your baby’s health every step of the way, with each having extensive training. 


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Special Delivery Midwifery Care and Birth Center

First opened in 2012, this birth center is widely known for its exceptional personalized care and welcoming environment. The highly skilled midwives at Special Delivery will closely collaborate with you throughout your pregnancy, offering prenatal appointments and postpartum care to ensure a successful and positive childbirth experience. They firmly believe every pregnancy is unique. Therefore, they customize their care to suit your needs.

Their unwavering commitment to creating a warm and supportive atmosphere sets Special Delivery apart from others. Special Delivery’s team of midwives boasts over 45 years of collective experience, with founder Ruth Cobb, CNM, APRN, beginning her apprenticeship in 1977. The midwives encourage open communication and informed decision-making, prioritizing your baby’s health and safety. You get the best of both worlds at Special Delivery since they offer both home birthing and birthing in their home-like birth center that offers two spacious birth suites, birth tubs, and a serene environment. 

Mother looks at her newborn baby boy sleeping in a basket, Tulsa midwife.

Tulsa Midwife

If you are looking for midwife in Tulsa, any of these wonderful, compassionate midwives could be the perfect match for you and provide you with personalized care in your motherhood journey!

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