Get Amazing Pregnancy Guidance With a Midwife in Oklahoma City

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In search of a licensed midwife in Oklahoma City to help you along your pregnancy journey? Mosaic Midwifery, Hands Of Grace, and A Mother’s Love Midwifery are just a few of our area’s excellent choices. Let me tell you about them!

Three Quality Options for a Midwife in Oklahoma City 

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Mosaic Midwifery 

Founded in 2015, Mosaic Midwifery’s founder, Michelle Gilley, CPM, BSM, LM, spent her formal training and clinical experience outside the United States. She traveled from the Philippines to India and, after experiencing other cultures and many learning opportunities, returned home in Oklahoma. Michelle Gilley dedicates her career to providing high-quality, attentive care with a low volume. She promises to welcome and support clients regardless of ethnicity, race, origin, faith, sexual orientation, and gender identification. Mosaic Midwifery and Michelle offer support for low-risk clients seeking out-of-hospital prenatal, birth, and postpartum services.

Located at 6051 N Brookline Ave, they specialize in serving clients such as first-time parents, TOLAC/VBAC, teen parents, pregnancies beyond 35, immigrant families, LGBTQIA-identifying clients, surrogates, adoptive families, and nontraditional family structures.

Their specific services include free consultations, the initial prenatal visit, monthly visits until 28 weeks, biweekly visits until 36 weeks, weekly visits until birth, home birth or birth at the OKC Birth Center, hydrotherapy/waterbirth/land birth, individualized home visits followed by office visits every 2-3 weeks until 12 weeks postpartum, nutrition support, holistic health support, in house lab work, genetic screening, newborn screening, birth certificate e-filing, well person care/pap smears, ultrasound referrals, and community resource collaboration. 

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Hands Of Grace

Located within the Oklahoma City metro, Hands Of Grace is a private practice owned and operated by Anne Coffee, LM, who has served in midwifery for 25 years! Anne Coffee and Hands Of Grace believe in fostering positive birth experiences and offering natural and nurturing support that is best suited to empower mothers throughout their labor and delivery and help them feel heard. They offer midwifery care and other services, including prenatal care, labor and birth support, a 2-hour immediate postpartum visit and multiple in-home postpartum visits to follow, breastfeeding support, placental encapsulation, and belly casting!  

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A Mother’s Love Midwifery

A Mother’s Love Midwifery was founded in 2012 by W. Yvonne Silbernagel, LMCPM, MBC, who was inspired to begin her journey in birth work after she had her child over 20 years ago! After attending her first homebirth as a support person in 2004, W. Yvonne became a doula in 2005. She continued her education to become a midwife in 2009 and finally opened her low-volume practice. A Mother’s Love Midwifery and its founder is passionate about informed consent and dedicated to empowering moms. They encourage them to be in charge of their birth and birthing space. They specialize in VBACS and overall empowering births!

Their services include on-call midwifery, prenatal care, labor and birth attendance and support, and postpartum care. They also offer routine laboratory prenatal testing if desired. If needed, they can execute prenatal genetic screenings, ultrasounds, and bio-physical profiles. Screening offerings include metabolic, hearing, and newborn. They conduct breastfeeding support, newborn care support, doula services, and nutritional coaching. And they also offer a variety of testing, including MTHFR, micro-nutrient, PAP, and free cell DNA testing through Myriad. 

Midwife Oklahoma City

Each of these options for a midwife in Oklahoma City is ready to help you have an empowering birth that you can feel in charge of, supported during, and happy with!  

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