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Although breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t always come naturally! Breastfeeding is a difficult process and takes some learning and trial and error in the early months. Sometimes, lactating mothers need extra help, and that’s when a lactation consultant comes in. So find your lactation consultant in OKC who provides exceptional services to assist mothers in their unique breastfeeding journey. 

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3 Lactation Consultants in OKC Empowering Women Through Their Breastfeeding Journeys 

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Becky Drevets 

Serving families within a 20-mile radius of 1300 E. 9th Street, Edmond, OK 73034

Becky Drevets is a lactation consultant passionate about helping people since she was a young girl playing “nurse” with her dolls. She has experience as a postpartum RN and worked in hospitals for over 13 years. Becky is a mom of triplets and knows firsthand how challenging breastfeeding can be. She aims to help all families have successful breastfeeding journeys by reaching their goals.

Becky Drevets offers initial consultations at home and in the office, which take 1.5 to 2 hours. Families will get a customized care plan after this visit. Follow-up consults are available after the initial visit and can occur in the client’s home or the office.

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Means to Breastfeeding

Serving Lincoln County, OKC, and worldwide 

Stephanie, who has experience as a high-risk OB, mother-baby, labor and delivery, and lactation consultant nurse, runs Means to Breastfeeding. Stephanie believes breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural process that should be an excellent experience for moms and babies. Her “The Means Method” is an evidence-based breastfeeding approach that helps clients have a solid foundation for breastfeeding. 

She helps babies become healthy, thriving, fed, and good sleepers. She assists clients in getting their babies to have a proper latch and helps them have a good start to the breastfeeding relationship. 

Appointments include private lactation consultation, latch assessment and support, virtual appointments, and more. Check-ins are welcome as Stephanie helps her clients stay on track with their breastfeeding goals.

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Bosom Buddies

Serving the Oklahoma City metro area and surrounding cities 

Denisha, an IBCLC and breastfeeding expert and nutritionist, runs Bosom Buddies. She is passionate about helping her clients reach their goals and increasing breastfeeding rates nationwide. She provides the highest quality services professionally and effectively with evidence-based education and care. Denisha is also affordable and believes OKC breastfeeding support and a lactation consultant shouldn’t cost a fortune. 

Care includes prenatal consultations, mobile lactation consultations, and video lactation consultations. Moms can get reassurance and support as they go about their breastfeeding journey through latch assessment, answering questions, detailed visual aids, and hands-on support. 

A mother in a white dress sits on a bed with pillows holding her newborn baby daughter in her arms lactation consultant okc

Lactation Consultant OKC

These three lactation consultants in OKC serve families, providing high-quality services that empower women in their breastfeeding journey. Although breastfeeding benefits babies, it often comes with difficulty for new moms. Lactation consultants can help educate and empower women as they breastfeed their little ones. 

A newborn baby leans on mom with eyes open in a white onesie lactation consultant okc

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